Welcome to Palawan SandCastles

With 10 rooms on nine hectares, guests have room to breathe, a healthy antidote for the isolation within four walls many of us have experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. And, you don’t need to delay the decision to escape to paradise. SandCastles has the answer.

For just Php 6,000, a family of up to 8 can avail of free return airport transfers, free breakfasts, free use of sea kayaks & mountain bikes PLUS 2 rooms for the price of one room at Palawan SandCastles Busuanga. 

Book by emailing palawansandcastles@gmail.com for stay dates at SandCastles through to 30 September 2021. Minimum stay of 2 nights. Half prepayment required. Accommodation dates may be rescheduled as many times as needed without penalty. Applicable rooms are duplex rooms Ati & Batak, Kankanay & Malbog.

SandCastles was closed to tourists in February 2020 when the country was effectively shut down due to coronavirus.

No cases have been recorded in the Busuanga area where SandCastles is located. SandCastles team members Lerma, Ricci, Romano and Sinok regularly put the resort through a deep clean. They are also doing chores and repairs like changing cogon grass roofs of guest rooms. The work being done will ensure that when SandCastles reopens to guests it will bounce back quickly, emerging better than ever on the other side.

Full operations at SandCastles AND it’s sister award-winning tour concern Tribal Adventures are expected to resume when flights to and from Manila, Clark, Cebu and Boracay do. The local government has already given it’s okay, so resorts are progressively opening. SandCastles will reopen 1 October 2020. But don’t hesitate to book NOW for dates thereafter. There are many pluses for booking NOW, not least of which are best possible price and room choices. Please note the deals mentioned here are not available elsewhere. You need to book direct by emailing the CEO on palawansandcastles@gmail.com. You might or might not avail of a better raw accommodation price online, but you won’t get the once-in-a-lifetime benefits amounting to more than 25,000 pesos worth of freebies we’re offering NOW.

Should you not be a family of 4-8 — or not be interested in the Family Promotion above — SandCastles will confirm reservations without the need of deposit until 30 September 2020. Thereafter we will require the usual half prepayment but guests will have the ability to change their reservations any number of times till 30 September 2021.

Benefits till 30 September 2021 are:

  1. Free return airport transfers
  2. Free use of kayaks and mountain bikes for the duration of stay
  3. Free daily breakfast
  4. Free room upgrade upon check-in
  5. Any number of stay date changes

Why are we making this generous offer? We miss you, and we are eager to get started again.

With its rustic island charm, travellers to Palawan SandCastles are sure to find bliss on one of the most beautiful spots on Busuanga Island. Palawan SandCastles features private white sand beaches, beachfront accommodation and a house reef in a private cove.

And, SandCastles also has an outlet of Dugong Dive Center. But don’t fret if you don’t dive: We run daily boat trips into Dugong Bay to snorkel with dugong & paddling around idyllic outlying islands.

Paradise is just a booking away.



  • Gigit Sulit
    Gigit Sulit

    (Jan 2016) Palawan SandCastles is a rustic getaway from city life. With its isolation, natural landscape and seascape, plus all the adventure toys for the taking, it’s like playing Robinson Crusoe with the amenities of the modern world.

    Gigit Sulit (World Traveler)

  • Thao Nhung
    Thao Nhung

    (Feb 18, 2015) SandCastles Palawan is the best resort that I stayed in my whole trip with very reasonable price, helpful staff, very clean and close to nature. There is a rock formation at the end of the resort which is very beautiful and unique. The resort is very quiet and relaxing. It is located in front of the nice beach, you can do many activites such as kayaking and biking around the mountain that is just behind the resort. There are many very white sand beaches close to the resort as well. The beach around resort is very good for snorkeling and if you are lucky enough you can see the grouper. I really enjoyed my holiday at SandCastles. I will go back for sure. Highly recommended for you to stay here.

    THAO NHUNG (Vietnam)

  • Chansaveth Chhun
    Chansaveth Chhun

    (Jan 13-17, 2016) I have never felt such a fabulous escape from stress until I found SandCastles Palawan. I always woke up to the mountain, beautiful beach and wonderful forest. It felt like home and all guests I met were treating each other like family. I enjoyed kayaking at the resort. Most particularly, I never felt lost with the helpful staff there. I chose the boat ride to the resort, which I found was the best thing to do. You can do a lot of activities like snorkeling, kayaking, etc. along the islands. My room was affordable and it felt so awesome that the waves always came underneath my room every night and lulled me into sleep. I am now thinking that anytime I find myself free, there is always SandCastles.