Have you experienced the time-tunnels of Coron, or even heard of them?

Have you fantasized swimming with mermaids, been enamored by clownfish since watching “Finding Nemo”, and dreamt of climbing the highest mountain, or kayaking jaw-dropping tropical lagoons, finding your Garden of Eden in a lush rainforest waterfall, biking bamboo forest trails, walking through a town once the largest leper colony in the world and learning the secret of happiness, and, camping out on an island like Robinson Crusoe?

Such stuff that dreams are made of, to misquote The Tempest, is also what makes the SandCasltes Adventure Package — a program of three to seven days packing a salivating choice of a dozen enthralling guided tours — a unique holiday experience.

Sister company Tribal Adventure Tours Inc., a Kalakbay national tourism awardee and long-time member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, runs choice trips out of Palawan SandCastles and does so for a fraction of the cost, passing on to you, its guests, value in the form of a fully-inclusive package of transfers, accommodation, meals, guided tours, and activities.

To avail of the Sandcastles Adventure Package you take the following steps:

  1. Choose a native fan pavilion OR an air-conditioned beach house, both accommodation types featuring SandCastles signature spring water mini-plunge pools
  2. Choose a 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, 6-day, or 7-day SandCastles Adventure Package, which respectively entitles you to 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 or even 5 awesome trips. Get in early and you get the pick of the crop, the trips you choose being the ones scheduled.

Choose your Adventure Package Accomodation

Still unconvinced? Never had a true holiday experience where you’re in tune with your surroundings, your mind stimulated and your body taking the shape that’s eluded it on other attempts at holidaying? You’re not alone. I came up with the SandCastles Adventure Package because, frankly, when visiting our other SandCastles in Boracay when international journalism would let me I searched for some adventures away from the beach.

I’m Greg Hutchinson, owner, and founder of SandCastles and Tribal Adventures. Though in my 60s, let me — with a great team behind me — help you have the vacation you never thought you could:

  • Lose your sense of time paddling miles of deeply cut undercut limestone cliffs
  • Snorkel with dugong and appreciate how sex-deprived sailors were to see a mermaid in a seacow
  • See a plethora of sea life snorkeling the reefs of the Calamian, a corner of the famed Coral Triangle, an area possessing the greatest diversity of marine life on the planet
  • A guide can lead you up Mt Dalara and have you gazing at the panorama of islands stretched out below. Upon descent you’re whisked away to soak your tired limbs in a saltwater spring.
  • And amazed you’ll be at a series of waterfalls and rock pools deep inside Busuanga’s rainforest — Can there be a more refreshing swim?
  • There’s nothing like mountain biking single tracks through bamboo forests, crossing creeks–and lying in them as you recapture your breath, stolen from absorbing the beauty of rural life akin to a scene in an Amorsolo painting
  • Meet the Calamian deer, feed the giraffe, be dazzled by zebra stripes, and other wildlife at Calauit sanctuary.
  • A visit to Culion, once the world’s largest leper colony, begs the question: “How can the residents have grown into the friendliest and happiest people anywhere?”
  • If you’re staying 5 days or more you might want to swap 3 stars at SandCastles for a million heavenly star camping experience, becoming Robinson Crusoe on an idyllic tropical island for 24 hours.
  • Or discover the quirks of a tribal people like the Tagbanua. Would you ask your mother to lie in a coffin you are making to make sure she’ll be comfy in her afterlife?  

The Palawan Adventure Package is the ticket for individuals, couples, families and small groups of colleagues and friends to explore MORE of incomparable northern Palawan, a region referred to as “the last frontier” by arguably the 20th Century’s premier marine explorer, Jacques Cousteau.

Getting in early can lock in your favorite awesome day trip—or 5. Booking on a whim and going more with the flow, can take you on a road less familiar, sowing the seeds for an equally awesome adventure. You can even be voluntarily marooned on a tropical island and become its chief for a night! And, you’ll also have the choice to have free rein – anytime you like – becoming the free spirit (if you weren’t already) that your participation in the Palawan SandCastles Adventure Package will unleash.

FREE with the Palawan SandCastles Adventure Package are expedition sea kayaks, paddleboards, snorkels, and mountain bikes, picnic hampers, sterilized refillable water bottles. So, you have the toys to also chart your own course when you get the urge! 

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